About Me

   Hello! My name is Tiffany and I'm the girl behind the blog. I am working towards my Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Science and am currently in my junior year. (My minor is Mathematics)

     I created Curiosity and Charm in order to chronicle my last two years of college, explore my love for fashion and cute decor, and to share my enthusiasm for learning.

What's in a name?

     Curiosity is a key element of learning and discovering. It is what sparks our passions and advances the fields of science, technology, and much more.

    Charm is all about the delightful aspects of life and the things that make you happy. I try to keep myself surrounded by people and environments that I find  charming. For me, a charming life manifests itself in winding park trails, good coffee, good company, fashion, and a cozy home. (Charm is also a quantum number, but we won't delve into that).