January 12, 2015

Preparing for the New Semester: 6 Tips for a Stress Free Start

With the new year comes the end of winter break and the start of a new semester. Personally, I am looking forward to this semester and excited for the opportunities it will bring.

Each semester I follow a few simple steps in order to help ensure I have a stress free start to my semester. By preparing early and getting organized, I give myself enough time to address any issues that may arise and prevent any last minute scrambles. The semester will be here before you know it. Are you ready?

How to Get Ready for the New Semester

1.) Download Syllabi

As soon as a class syllabus has been made available, I print it out and review all the information. Highlight any important dates, deadlines, and other important details. This is also a good time to copy all the dates into your planner.

2.) Email Professors

If you have any questions, it is a good idea to send an email to your professor a week or two before classes begin. In my emails, I introduce myself, ask any questions, and find out if the textbook is actually required and/or if an older edition is acceptable.

3.) Buy Textbooks

By this point, I have already shopped around and have everything bookmarked. Then, as soon as I find out what textbooks are actually required, I start buying them. You can read my tips for purchasing textbooks over here.

4.) Gather Supplies and Required Materials

Make sure you have a good supply of notebooks, loose leaf paper, pencils, ect. Make a list of any supplies that need replenishing, as well as required course materials, then hit the stores.

5.) Organize

Create folders on your computer for all your classes. Put together three ring binders for each class, with dividers, clean paper, and any course material you already have.

6.) Adjust Your Sleep Cycle

If you are like many college students, chances are your normal sleep cycle might be out of sync after the break. If you've gotten into the habit of sleeping in during break, you should begin adjusting your sleep schedule a week or two before the semester starts. By resetting your sleep cycle, it will be easier to wake up the first day of classes and you'll be less likely to be tired at the start of the semester.

How soon do you begin preparing for the new semester? What steps do you take?

Wishing you your best semester yet.


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