June 17, 2015

5 Tips for Packing Everything in a Carryon

Today I would like to show you how I packed my bag for my summer internship. Although I will be here for 10 weeks, I still chose to pack light. I just don't like dealing with a lot of luggage.

1.) Figure out exactly what you will be taking. If feasible, I suggest picking clothing items that are made of thin fabrics. Select items that can be mixed and matched for the widest range of outfit options.

2.) Don't fold. Instead, roll all your clothing.

3.) Now start putting your clothing into the suitcase in layers.

4.) I forgot to take a photo, but all my solid beauty/personal care items were placed in a makeup bag that I put in the center of the suitcase with a "wall" of clothing on all four sides. Any liquids were placed in a ziplock bag and put into the front pocket for quick retrieval. Don't bring items that you can inexpensively purchase at your destination (such as sunscreen and toothpaste).

5.) I put my notebooks, folders, and tablet on the top since flat items tend to fit really well here. I wore my bulky shoes with me to the airport the white shoes shown in above photos were placed on top of the notebooks.

That is pretty much how I pack for any trip. Do you have any special methods you use for packing?


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